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Case Study #1

Developed a System-Wide Human Relations, Multicultural Education and
Diversity as a Value Program


Our client, a large public school system, requested Bermultinational Limitedís assistance in developing a system-wide Human Relations, Multicultural Education and Diversity as a Value Program. The district administration recognized the need to build a viable human relations team among faculty, students, administrators, parents and community and needed assistance to develop appropriate strategies and programs.


Over a period of three years, the Bermultinational team designed and delivered a systematic series of programs for constituents at every level of the school district that focused on human relations, multicultural education and diversity as a value.

These customized programs included:

  • Administratorsí Leadership Workshop
    The workshop assisted the school administration to outline its specific commitment regarding human relations and how to clearly articulate them to the entire school community. The workshop incorporated these goals with the districtís mission and vision statements and its multi-year equity plan and long-range plans.

  • Affirmative Action Officersí (AAOs) Workshop and Follow-up Meeting
    These meetings were designed to provide the opportunity for AAOs to share ideas and suggestions for their program including the development of policies and guidelines and the need for professional training.

  • Human Relations Program; development of Human Relations Committees.
    This process provided an avenue for identifying human relations issues and addressing them in a holistic approach in order to create meaningful systemic changes. Bermultinational helped to design and write a human relations newsletter that focused on improving cross-cultural communications.

  • Focus Groups
    (Student, Parent, Teacher, Administrator and Community Groups)
    Bermultinational assisted the district to comply with the outlined multi-year equity plan by conducting a system-wide survey regarding equity, multicultural awareness and diversity as a value. Several consultations or focus group sessions were held with the central administration, building administrators, teachers, high school and middle school students regarding content focus and survey methodology.

  • Recruitment
    Based upon the wealth of information gathered, Bermultinational made specific recommendations to the district regarding how to assertively recruit teachers and staff from diverse backgrounds.

  • Middle School Student Leadership Meetings and Training
    These training sessions provided a student forum to share ideas and to develop action plans for improving programs, activities and communication both within each middle school and among them.

  • Assisted in outlining the school districtís specific commitment and goals regarding human relations; assisted to clearly articulate them to the entire school community of administrators, teachers and staff, students, parents, and community members.
  • Improved ability to diagnose problems, set goals and implement action steps devoted to academic excellence.
  • Linked goals of human relations training with district standards/curriculum in order to eliminate discrimination, add multicultural content, and promote understanding and mutual respect at all levels.
  • Improved race/multicultural relations within each individual school.
  • Developed Affirmative Action Program Statement and training program.
  • Reorganized district-wide Human Relations Committee.
  • Implemented effective alternative recruiting methods to insure personnel diversity and representation at all levels within district.
  • Upgraded communication system that enabled all members of the school community to interact with increased understanding, effectiveness and consistency.
  • Diversity as a Value training provided students at the high school and middle school levels with improved interpersonal skills and cross-cultural communication proficiency.

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