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Case Study #2

Reduced Operating Expenses


As a leading service-provider in its field, this client engaged Bermultinational to assist its senior management team in crafting and implementing strategies to reduce the firm’s annual operating costs throughout the organization.


Working closely with senior management, Bermultinational consultants conducted a thorough needs analysis and outlined steps and strategies for implementing a cost-reduction plan. This goal could be achieved by developing new expense policies and controls and by improving organizational efficiency in key areas including real estate and occupancy, travel services, office standards, business continuity planning and records retention.


  • Developed a national real estate strategy and tactical plan. Once fully implemented, this plan will produce projected annualized rent, voice and data savings of $2M by reducing the number of U.S. locations by 25% with minimal turnover.

  • Developed a new office standard which cost effectively upgrades and standardizes the physical work environment while reducing the total amount of occupancy space.

  • Revised the “work-from-home” policy to expand eligibility, thereby significantly reducing the number of small offices.

  • Revised the business travel expense reimbursement policy to capitalize use of designated approved vendors. The policy maximizes discount savings and improves controls necessary to monitor compliance.

  • Re-sourced travel services provider to greatly expand on-line utilization in order to maximize savings and implement controls necessary to monitor compliance.

  • Re-sourced auto rental program to maximize savings.

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