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Case Study #3

Enhanced Staff and Customer Satisfaction


This client, a major administrative unit in a government agency, recognized the need to better utilize and act on the data collected from its customer service satisfaction survey. The client realized the value of making strategic decisions based on customer feedback, but it did not have the internal capacity to do so. Bermultinational was engaged to assist in the solution process.


Bermultinational Limited conducted a customer service Action Planning Workshop to help the client to identify specific critical customer issues that should be addressed in order to effectively meet customer needs.

During the Action Planning Workshop, the following issues were reviewed and analyzed:

  • Criteria for acceptable performance versus superior performance
  • Cost and time constraints
  • Awareness of potential versus real changes in schedules
  • Resources and work scope that could affect delivery
  • Lack of effective communication
  • Decisions made in order to meet deadlines
  • Targets that compromised customer service quality
  • Identification of problem trends and appropriate preventive actions
  • Procedures to ensure that customer requirements are met

The workshop assisted in identifying important gaps in the organization’s customer relations processes. A number of issues were targeted that could be markedly modified or resolved by reviewing roles and responsibilities as well as competencies and communication methods for sharing customer expectations. Bermultinational consultants assisted the client to develop a step-by-step “road map” that delineated key action items and areas of responsibility. They also assisted the client to outline a plan to gain additional knowledge of “best practices.” These changes resulted in the implementation of new approaches and practices and greatly enhanced customer satisfaction.

Some of these approaches included:
  • Development of formal customer complaint procedures
  • Creation of new Quality Customer Service Manual
  • Institution of monthly customer feedback sessions
  • Administration of quarterly surveys conducted by client
  • Administration of annual survey conducted by a third party

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