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Bermultinational’s Approach to Dialogue programs

Focus: Dialogue

In today’s world; everywhere we turn-TV-Newspapers-Social Media-Radio- Workplace-Church-School-Community-Neighborhood-Extended Family-Home- lack of civility and miscommunication is creating uncertainty, anxiety, unhappiness and anger resulting in misunderstanding, stress and conflict.

Bermultinational Limited is pleased to share five dialogue perspectives that illustrate the program approach to our civility, stress reduction and conflict transformation Education Sessions.

One: Dialogue is talking “together”, as one. It is an open and frank exchange of ideas, feelings and opinions with a focus on achieving mutual understanding.

Two: Dialogue focuses on searching “together” for common ground, meaning and agreement.

Three: Dialogue involves believing in the worth and dignity of all people and working hard to create openness and trust that helps discover the value of what others are offering.

Four: Dialogue is not persuading, selling, telling, justifying or defending. Dialogue creates a “win-win” situation based on honest sharing, trust, openness and the willingness to recognize that others also “have a piece of the puzzle” and their piece is needed to complete the process of dialogue.

Five: Dialogue is open and frank conversation that has, at its core, an exchange of ideas and feelings that lead to mutual understanding, consensus, and most important, POSITIVE UNSELFISH ACTION.

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