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Educational Overview of Diversity as a Value and Inclusion
1. The concept of Diversity as a Value and Inclusion encompasses acknowledgement of our alikeness's and acceptance respect and value for our differences. It means understanding that each individual is a unique and valued human being.
2. Diversity as a Value and Inclusion also means looking for, finding, sharing and celebrating our similarities which often are more important than our differences.
3. Diversity as a Value and Inclusion is about understanding each other as human beings and moving beyond “simple tolerance” to “"cherished value" through the embrace and celebration of each individual and their contributions to society.

Accepting and Embracing Diversity as a Value and Inclusion is "a Journey, Not a Destination"

Diversity as a Value and Inclusion is the acknowledgement that it is the contributions of people of different racial, cultural, gender, religious and ethnic groups that make up the overall fabric of a society. Diversity as a Value and Inclusion can also be described as the overall effort to include the beliefs and experiences of all members of the community.

Diversity as a Value and Inclusion as a belief and practice helps us to conceptualize a vision of a more inclusive, mutually supportive and unified society.

Diversity as a Value and Inclusion when believed and practiced enables each of us to realize that our own culture is not, and cannot be, the only standard for setting expectations for others.

The belief and practice of Diversity as a Value and Inclusion, nurtures a person's ability to identify and analyze differences and similarities and make intelligent decisions about one's attitude and behaviors and personal commitment to building a more inclusive, just and fair society for all.

The range of Diversity as a Value and Inclusion categories include, but are not limited to: age, gender, religion, spiritual beliefs, ability, sexual orientation, color, language, social and economic status, race, national origin, ethnicity, size, kinship, clan, class and cultural heritage.

Conflict! Is there a more challenging word in the English language? Perhaps, but few things in life are more difficult to deal with than conflict.

Whether at home, in school, or in the workplace; conflict is one of the few constants we humans face. Relationships break down, best intentions are often misunderstood, slights turn into full-blown crises. When these conflict challenges occur, an expert mediator can offer invaluable support to help aggrieved parties settle their differences and move forward constructively with their lives.

Trained impartial mediators know how to work collaboratively to achieve mutually beneficial agreements for a fraction of the cost of litigation.

Stirling has spent his career crafting smart, creative resolutions to complex problems. he will be happy to do the same for you.

Stirling helps clients work collaboratively to find creative solutions to disputes by helping aggrieved parties develop clear channels of communication, build trust, and preserve existing relationships. Stirling uses the Appreciative Inquiry model to help individuals and organizations develop interventions that build relational capacity by identifying and replicating situations when individuals were at their best.

Stirling Mediation Group
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BL 2017 Special Program: Bridging America's Racial Divide

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Personalizing Your Computer Commands

Enter each day with new visions of hope and love for yourself and others
Shift from negative thinking to positive actions
Help others create and share a vision of the possible
Delete unhealthy attitudes, habits, and behaviors
Replace "I can't" with "I can!"
Convert indifference to involvement
Display confidence and understanding
Shift from observation to engagement
Center your attention and energy caring about and for others
Cancel misunderstandings through dialogue instead of debate
Merge problem-solving challenges with problem-solving actions
Search for the best in yourself and others
Highlight the achievement and successes of your colleagues
Control your surges of doubt and discouragement by revisiting your successes
Escape hate through love
Home is where your heart beats in concert with your love of your family
Reboot your levels of energy and commitment through leadership and teamwork
Move mountains by planning purposefully, and executing excellently
Footnote your pathways of success so others can follow
End stress by getting rid of your worries and counting your blessings
Insert joy, laughter, and happiness into your daily contacts with others
Tab your life with positive acts, experiences, and relationships
Save the best of what you are to help empower another human being
Exit each day with a sense of fulfillment and accomplishment

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